Skills Programs

Short course provisioning is one of the most dynamic features of South Africa’s emerging education and training system. These courses are particularly associated with ‘just in time’, and ‘just enough’ learning to meet specific needs in workplace environments. This approach is a viable and common method for optimal workplace functioning in many contexts. It makes access to learning manageable, and saves the employers and the employees money, time, energy and resources.

In essence, a short course is a type of short learning program through which a learner may or may not be awarded credits, depending on the purpose of the program. A Credit-bearing short course is a type of short learning program for which credits, in relation to the course’s contribution to a particular program, unit standard and/or (part) qualification, is are awarded. (Paraphrased from CHE, 2001:44). A credit-bearing short course contains less than 120 credits. An example is skills programs leading to the achievement of credits in relation to a qualification. (SAQA)

Skills Programs:

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