Hospitality is the backbone on which the tourism industry is built in South Africa. The hospitality industry consists of a wide field of categories that include hotels, motels, guest houses, bed and breakfast, restaurants, fast food establishments, caterers, night clubs, pubs, time share and various modes of transport (airplanes, cruise liners, sightseeing trains, etc.).

Right across the globe the Hospitality industry is a several billion dollar industry that mainly depends on the availability of leisure time and disposable income. Because any form of hospitality is dependent on a disposable income, training is of the utmost importance. With proper training, excellent service will be a given and the chance of repeat business is much higher. A properly trained Hospitality unit such as a restaurant or a hotel will always deliver the best service and an excellent experience to its guests.

Hospitality Training is our Service Delivery Future!

The hospitality industry is a diverse one, including a wide range of services related to food, accommodation, entertainment, and recreation. In order to work in the hospitality industry, one needs to be enthusiastic and hospitable by nature, have good communication skills and a willingness to serve others while having a passion for service excellence. The industry is also diverse enough for people to work in different areas of interest and still be employed within the hospitality industry.

Drum Beat Academy offers CATHSSETA Accredited training courses in the Tourism Hospitality Sector:

Skills programs:
Kitchen Cleaner
Assistant House Keeper
Bar Attendant
Laundry Assistant
Table Attendant

Accommodation Services
Professional Cookery
Fast Food Services
Food and Beverage Services

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